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The Complete Beginner’s Guide to the Pod System

Woman in white dress and sunglasses vaping a JUUL vape pen

In the last year, a new kind of vaping kit has come to the market – the pod system. These pod systems are particularly good for two types of vapers: those who are only just beginning on their vaping journey, and those who already vape but want a small nice portable backup device. In this […]

How to rewick an RTA

Woman in camo jacket and black sports bra smoking vape pen vaporiser

Are you struggling to figure exactly how to get your wick just right? Then this article is for you. We cover precisely how to wick your vape perfectly using a simple method – other than a pair of scissors, no tools required! There are a lot of different ways to learn to wick any coil, […]

How to Optimise JUUL battery Life

How to Optimise JUUL battery Life If you’ve been using the JUUL for a while, you might have noticed that its battery life isn’t that good. In this post, we’ll look at there simple fixes that’ll improve JUUL battery life. The JUUL is not designed to be a powerhouse with respect to battery life.Its been […]

What’s New From Vaper Expo 2016

To The Vaper Expo 2016 We Ride! Over the weekend, the squad from The Vaping Lounge split into two teams and took on the Vaper Expo 2016 at the Birmingham NEC. The event was a great opportunity to talk to complimentary businesses and interact with the vaping community. As well as an chance to place […]

Vlads VG – Fantastic or Flop?

Vlads VG – Fantastic or Flop? Earlier this summer, Vampire Vape announced their high VG range named Vlads VG. The announcement was met mixed reviews. Some vapers predicted that, whilst Vampire Vape is popular among beginner vapers, there are far more complex and delicately mixed juices out there for high VG vapers and sub-ohmers. Other […]

The Top Five Best Beer & E-Liquid Pairings

There is nothing better than a good quality beer and for most ex-smokers the taste of beer brings back memories of a cigarette in hand at the same time. Now that we are vaping and drinking it’s important to find juices that actually go with the taste of beer. Below are my top five pairings […]

Coming Soon from The Vaper Expo 2016

The Vaper Expo 2016   Coming Soon from The Vaper Expo 2016 Over the weekend, Gareth, Paresh and Ross from The Vaping Lounge, took a trip to Birmingham and boy did they have a great time! The Vaping Expo, now in it’s second year, is one of Britain’s biggest and most recognised e-cigarette and vaping […]