Every year there seem to be more vapers worldwide, more interest in the vaping community, more medical studies into its impact on people’s health and ability to help people quit smoking, and more scrutiny around the laws and regulations that hold the industry back. Looking forward to the next twelve months, we look at some of the most significant trends we expect to see through 2019 on the future of vaping.


There Will be More Vapers Than Ever

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This is a bit of a given here, but the vaping community will continue to proliferate throughout 2019. ASH – Action on Smoking and Health – estimates there are almost 3.2 million Brits who use e-cigarettes in 2017, compared to just 700,000 in 2011 (We’ve reported on some of ASH’s findings before here). The number of people who choose to vape will rise again this year with the growth of vapour shops, innovative flavours, and different vaporisers on the market.

One of the biggest innovations in 2018 was the pod system, and we expect this to also take off in a big way. Take a look at some of our pod vapes in our online vapour shop to get your own!


The Reasons to Switch to Vaping Will Become Well Known

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Throughout 2018 we saw the confusion and miseducation around vaping rapidly fall. With more people vaping than ever before, more people know that vaping is a cheaper and healthier alternative to smoking. It also means that myths about vaping like ‘popcorn lung’ will become less and less credible. This will be fantastic news as the debates around vaping will be based less on misconception and more around evidence.


Vaping Uptake Will Slow in the United States

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Last year, many of us were optimistic about the appointment of Scott Gottlieb to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), probably the most influential public health body in the world outside of the World Health Organisation. In 2017 he promised if appointed he would aim to strip back regulation on medicinal technology and take a less lenient approach to cigarettes and nicotine addiction under the guise of combatting teen nicotine use.

The second half of 2018, however, saw the FDA overseeing a growing moral panic, culminating in the recent ban on flavoured e-cigarettes and e-liquids from most stores, and they show no sign of slowing down. Other countries will watch closely on how the USA’s regulatory approach works. The case of the United States has already been cited in the House of Lords’ debate in November around e-cigarette regulation in the United Kingdom. The impact of the flavoured e-juice ban in the USA on the industry will almost certainly decelerate the number of vapers in the richest country on earth.


Studies into the Health Impact of e-Cigarettes will Grow

Blue vaporiser with white shredded tissue paper

As more people pick up vaping, more innovation enters the field, and the spotlight is shone more and more on the industry, expect more scientific and medical studies into the effects of vaping, vapour shop marketing studies,  sociological reviews of the vaping community, and more.

With more studies, we will see more evidence of the harm reduction effects of e-cigarettes, further evidence that e-cigarette use discourages smoking and a more widespread move from ignorance to evidence-based argument around the impact of vaping. That, at least, will be good news.


Changes to the Tobacco Products Directive

European Union flags in a row to represent the Tobacco Products Directive's effect on vaping industry

As a member of the EU, the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) came into force in the UK in 2014 and greatly restricted the way that e-cigarettes and e-cigarette products could be sold. However, as Britain leaves the European Union, more and more vape advocates are calling for reform to deregulate the vaping industry.

Vapour shops and vapers have allies in Parliament. The Science and Technology Select Committee and the APPG for Vaping both published reports in 2018 about the need for better education of the public towards e-cigarettes and relaxing of vaping bans. Hopefully, there will be more calls for deregulation and education around vaping throughout 2019.


After years of confusion and scepticism around vaping, we believe we’re reaching a turning point, and the industry shall truly flourish this year in the UK. What do you think about our predictions? Leave us a comment below or get in touch on social media and share with us your thoughts!


Vaping Trends of 2019 Infographic

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