Top 5 Ways To Make Your Coils Last Longer

coils last longerYou’re just about to take a hit of your favourite lemon curd flavoured e-juice when POP, the coil blows out. Of course, you still inhale and get that horrible taste of burned caramel, followed by a coughing fit.

For us vapers, events like these occur far too frequently so what are the top 5 ways to make coils last longer?

1. Vape at a lower wattage

Take it easy on your coils, you don’t have to vape at 180W all the time! The more power that you give your coils, the more coulombs of electrical energy run through them every second. Essentially, the higher wattage that you vape at, the more work you coils have to do. Bigger mods with more batteries can still produce a great vape even at lower wattages.

2. Try using lower VG e-liquids

Nowadays, e-liquids tend to follow the trend of being high VG and low PG, which is great for cloud chasing but bad for you coils. VG is much more viscous than it’s more water-like counterpart PG. This means that the coils have to burn a lot hotter in order to vaporise the liquid. Besides, PG is great at carrying flavour so why not switch up your e-liquid?

3. Avoid dry hitting, always keep your tank topped up

Running your coils whilst they are dry is a good way to blow them out. Instead of waiting for the tank to empty and the cotton is bone-dry before you change flavours, just fill up with new juice right away. Sure, the flavours may not go well together at first but soon enough the flavour profile will cross over and you’ve saved your coils!

4. Use the optimal resistance coil for your mod

On the box of both your mod and coil will be an indication of the optimal wattage to run and it is usually quite low. Following the instructions on your kit can not only prolong the life of your coils but your batteries too! Feel free to come into our shop and ask us about the best coils to buy, here at The Vaping Lounge we are always happy to help.

5. Research your vape juice

Our small team always tests out suppliers, brands and manufacturers before we order from them and start selling to the public so that you know your e-liquid is top of the line. Even premium e-liquid can wear out your coils, however. It’s a good idea to look up the percentage of nicotine and flavouring in your juice. Some ingredients can be rough on coils as they are not easily vaporised.

Now you know the top five ways to make your coils last longer! Of course, there is no way to make your coils last forever. They are always going to blow out now an again but hopefully you can know make them last a little longer. If you have any of your own methods for increasing coil duration then let us know in the comments section below!

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