What are the top 5 best tobacco e-liquid?

Imperius XV tobacco E-Liquid by Red VapeWhere would we be without tobacco e-liquid? Despite the vast catalogue of flavours that are available to first-time vapers, often they opt for the traditional tobacco flavour. The burnt, slightly leafy flavour gives former smokers a throwback to their Marlboros, golden Virginias and Windsor Blues. Most vapers evolve and begin to puff on different flavour vapes but we all remember the all important e-liquid that helps us to kick the habit in the bag.

For this reason, the team at The Vaping Lounge has developed our top five list of best tobacco e-liquids!

English Tobacco by Prima

English tobacco is first and foremost a beginner vape. The blend is available only in 12mg and 6mg for a strong hit of nicotine. The mellow tobacco flavour gives a gentle reminder of what we all used to love about smoking. The taste is reminiscent of the rich and well-balanced Windsor Blue cigarettes. Smokers of these royal fags will find it easy to quit with some English tobacco e-liquid in their tank.
The even 50/50 PG/VG ratio makes this juice perfect for beginner kits!

Honey Badger by Charlie’s Chalk Dust

Charlie’s Chalk Dust are purveyors of high-quality, premium e-liquid. Their flavours are much loved by the vaping community, non more so than Honey Badger. The juice is an expertly blended mix of tobacco brushed with honey and finished with light, smooth cream. This is one to make your mouth water!
Unlike other tobacco juices, Honey Badger leans towards the advanced vaping community with its 70/30 VG/PG ratio and low nicotine levels such as 0mg and 3mg. Hey you can even sub-ohm this juice if you want to profile the flavours and create a lot of clouds. We don’t recommend that you sub hit the 12mg though. It will send your head spinning!

Sweet 11 by 1111 e-liquid

2016 has been a great year for Vape Dinner Lady and their sub-brands. Winning multiple awards in the UK and the states. The 1111 range is targeted towards those who wish to like to vape traditional flavours such as Kentucky tobacco and menthol. The best of the range however, is the Sweet 11 blend. The rich satisfying taste of cherry pipe tobacco is perfect for the small population of vapers who used to puff on a pipe. Even non-tobacco vapers really enjoy this delectable taste.

555 tobacco e-liquid by Element

Sit back, squeeze some 555 into your atomiser and enjoy. The nutty flavours weave over your tastebuds to create a masterful tapestry of tobacco. A rich tobacco base promotes the warmer notes of hazelnuts, almonds and walnuts. The mix is lightly bathed in caramel and vanilla for a brilliantly complex vape not too dissimilar to a cigar.

Imperius XV by Red Vape

And finally, this list would not be complete without the premium Gran Reserva Imperius XV e-liquid by Red Vape. This is one for those who want a strong nicotine hit with a pure tobacco flavour. The UK producer has made a name for itself thanks to this one of a kind vape. The blend is made from natural tobacco flavourings from Virginia Brightleaf tobacco grown in Suffolk, USA. This is then combined with fresh Robusta coffee extract and mixed with pure Irish whisky. The liquid is then steeped in Bourbon, Sherry and Oak cask barrels for three months to enhance and develop flavours. Sounds like a lot of hard work just to create an e-liquid right? That’s why this tobacco e-liquid has no peers.

Thanks for reading our blog! We hope that you now have a better idea of which tobacco e-liquid is next for you. If you have any other suggestions as to e-liquids that should be on this list please leave your ideas in the comments section below! You can have a look at all of our tobacco flavoured e-liquids here.

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