Over the last few months, I have seen a very strange buck in the trend of vaping devices. We are sailing into the huge clouds of vapour and more battery power then a Tesla car in mods with a strong beer in hand and now just on a spin of a dime, we are heading back to port for a quick 20 mg nic salt vape and nice cup of tea with a small device the size of a USB stick!



It’s almost a full circle back to the old days, but! Using newer technology from these huge mods and powerful coils, the market for Pod system or even pod style systems has become very much mainstream. Also with the Nic Salts which many companies have jumped onto including Element E Liquids, Pod Salt and Dinner Lady Eliquids.

This is good for the starter kit market in small, easy to use system but even the most hardened vaper finds these devices strangely compelling as they are pocket friendly and will last 3 to 4 hours of normal use.

Now add to this the new 20 MG nic salt based eliquids and you can get away with just 3 or 4 draws which won’t be large and cloudy and put the device away in your pocket! Almost like Ninja style vaping so you could get away with vaping where you should not. Handy for the walk around supermarkets fellow husbands 😉 Strange but interesting times in the vape industry methinks.

This “concentrated vape” idea means also less e liquid is used as well as less power needed so the device can be small and pocket friendly… Just like the old days but much better flavour.

So what do you think of the pod mod revolution? Leave your comments below and more very soon.


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