Some vapers like big mods that leave a huge trail of vapour after every hit. That’s definitely fun every once in a while, but sometimes we want to hide our smoke as much as possible, like when we’re indoors or travelling and do not want to cause a scene. And explaining that it’s vapour and not smoke tends not to make people in restaurants any less angry if a cloud is anywhere near them!

So if you don’t want to put up with the awkward stares and negativity when you vape, you might want to hide your clouds as much as possible. That’s where stealth vaping – the technique of hiding your vape clouds as much as possible – comes in. In this guide, we go through how you can minimise your vape clouds as much as possible so you can become a true vaping ninja.


Best Vapour Kits for Hiding Smoke

Aspire Cobble vape shop pod vapour kit

The easiest and most important step to start with is to get or use a smaller device. If you’re using a gigantic, powerful boxmod, like one from our vapour kit line, you might love every hit you get, but you’ll find it extremely hard not to make some pretty big clouds! Try a vape pen for some smaller clouds, or a pod vapour kit if you really don’t want to compromise on power.


Switch Out Your Juice

prima brand logog smallNext on the list is making sure you have a subtle juice flavour so that when some of the cloud residue dissipates into the air, the smell won’t be too alarming for passers-by. Try a citrus, cherry, or vanilla flavour if you want to hide your e-juice in public – these flavours are so commonplace that people are more likely to assume that they’re someone’s fragrance or clothes than your device.

There’s a good reason to believe that higher PG content will also lead to smaller and fewer vape clouds because of its thinner and less gunky consistency. VG is slightly sweeter so the taste might be different to what you’re used to if you normally vape high-VG e-liquids, so we recommend Prima’s Cherry e-Liquid for a subtle but delicious flavour.


Holding your Vapour Kit

Man smoking box mod vaporiserFirst, and most obviously if you are trying to be sneaky, cover your vapour kit’s lights with your hands! Ideally, include as much of the vaporiser as you can so people cannot tell what you are doing. This is especially why a smaller device is incredibly useful.

One technique is to overlap your hands as if you are rubbing them together for warmth. When you bring them up to your face, you easily look as if you’re about to cough or yawn, or as if you are going to rest your face on your hands. Sneaky!


Technique for Smaller Vape Clouds

blue boxmod vape pen with tassly stuff in the background

Inhale for a half a second to a second, then take your finger off the button and turn off your vape, but continue inhaling. This will bring extra air into your lungs which will help dilute your smoke, thus creating less of a cloud.

Then, hold the vapour into your mouth for a few seconds before exhaling. Once the vapour has time to condense a little in your lungs, it will be much less noticeable one you exhale. If you exhale slowly and through your nose, then the vapour will be even less conspicuous. If you exhale through your mouth, purse your lips and make sure to breathe out downwards.

If the smoke is still noticeable after all of these techniques, then try using a screen to catch and block some of the vapour. Exhaling into a paper towel, a jumper, or even into your hand can minimise the amount of vapour that enters your surroundings. Then wave the excess away, so it dissipates before taking your next hit.


Now you’re fully equipped to hide your vaping – you know what vaping kit to get and the right technique. If you have any more advice for fellow stealth vapers or want to report on how your sneaky vaping went, let us know on social media or leave us a comment below!

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