What is the best setup for people who are new and want to dip their feet into the world of vaping? If you’re new to vaping, it might be hard to find the answer to this question. Read our post below to learn what you need for a great vape kit that’s right for you.

Choosing Your First Vape

Silver steel vaporiser pen

In our beginner’s guide to vaporisers, we cover the difference between different types of vape pens. We’ll do a quick refresher here, but check out our guide for more information on each type of vaporiser.

For the occasional smoker, e-cigarettes might seem a desirable beginner vaping device. However, for most beginner vapers we recommend either a vape pen or a box mod. A vape pen comes in a long cylindrical shape – like a pen – and are designed for portability, subtlety, and ease of use. By contrast, box mods are more powerful and customisable vaporisers that last longer than their vape pen counterparts. If you’re looking for a perfect vaping experience, get a box mod; if you want something thin and subtle, get a vape pen.

If you are still not sure what kind of device you want, take a look at our vapour starter kits online or in store for some of our top picks!


The Pod Option

Pod vaping vapour kit

A third option is the ‘middle ground’ offered by pods. They are somewhere between the power of vape pens and box mods, and in fact are like mini-mods in many ways. Pods are also equipped with cartridges like JUUL replacement pods, which contain the coil, wick, and e-juice for your vaping pod in one place.

Pods are very popular, and it isn’t hard to see why. They’re simple and intuitive to use, just like the traditional vape pens that dominate the market today. At the same time, and despite their smaller size, they also can power a stronger nicotine hit, able to easily handle use up to 20mg mixtures. They’re also leakproof: the prebuilt disposable cartridges mean you’ve zero chance of running into the leaky nonsense that plagues vapers.

There are some big disadvantages to pods as well, though. Their flavour selection is limited because their unique specific cartridges mean you can only use the e-juice the pod designer wants you to use. On top of that, because pods are so compact, they very rarely can hold any more than 2ml of e-liquid at a time, and often contain less than 1ml per cartridge. Their small size means small batteries too, and compared to a box mod, the pod can’t compete.


Choosing your First e-Juices

Tobacco flavoured eJuice, perfect for those with a vapour starter kit

When it comes to choosing your first e-liquids, the first thing to consider is the strength you’re looking for. Nicotine levels come in different strengths:


  • 3mg – for light smokers who smoke less than half a pack a day.
  • 6mg – for light to medium smokers who smoke around half a pack a day.
  • 12mg – for medium to heavy smokers who smoke more than half a pack a day.
  • 18mg – for heavy chain smokers who smoke a pack a day or more

Getting the right nicotine strength is essential. Too weak, and you will have to vape more to compensate, while too much will simply make you feel worse. If you are still not sure, start with 6mg and work your way up or down depending on what you need.

The next thing to check is the flavour of your e-juice because, let’s face it, if your juice isn’t tasty then you’re not going to vape it!

New users can play it safe and go with tobacco blends. Many e-liquid companies make these because they know that smokers who want to try vaping will trust these flavours, and many tobacco e-liquids mimic the flavours of popular brands. Tobacco by Element creates a wonderful tobacco flavoured e-liquid which is well worth trying. You might also start out with some sweeter tastes – The e-liquid market is overflowing with amazing fruit, cake, and dessert flavoured e-juices. Check out some of our recommended vape juices that’ll satisfy your sweet tooth here!

As an alternative to using e-liquid, you can create your own by mixing short fill juices with nic-shots. To learn how, take a look at our guide to nic-shots for more information!


Coils and Wicks

A collection of replacement coils for a vapour starter kit user

The coil is the heating element inside of a vape that vaporises the e-juice. Pre-built atomisers are often called coils for the sake of simplicity. If you get gurgling sounds when vaping, a burnt taste in your mouth, or you’ve just been using your vaporiser for over a month now, it is probably about time to change your vape coils. Coils tend to be relatively cheap, and you can buy some from our online vape store if you need to stock up!

The wicking material is what supplies your coil with e-liquid. The hotter the coil, the quicker the liquid is used up, so a faster wick is needed. Regular cotton balls can be used, but organic cotton is the best wicking material, and you can buy it easily in most town and cities.


Once you have your vaporiser, e-liquid, coil, and wick, you’re all set to start vaping! If you enjoyed our guide or want to ask us any questions, leave us a comment below or on social media and we’d love to hear from you.

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