The Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) recently published a report that, among other things, made clear that vaping was an essential way to encourage smokers to stop smoking. They also said that landlords and social housing providers ought to have an obligation if they want to prevent smoking on their premises, to promote proper e-cigarette use as an alternative to merely banning smoking on their premises. In our latest blog post, we have broken down their most interesting discoveries.

What did ASH Find about Vaping?

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Smoking is three times more common among people living in social housing and two-and-a-half times more common for people living in private housing than compared to owner-occupiers. Two-thirds of people living in social housing accommodation who smoke feel the need for a cigarette within thirty minutes of finishing their last one, and almost 20% need more than twenty cigarettes a day (compared to 11% of owner-occupiers).

Vaping remains one of the safest and best least harmful means of beating a cigarette addiction, with very few of the risks that come with smoking cigarettes.

Despite this, just one social housing provider polled by ASH said they supported people vaping rather than smoking in their homes. By contrast, a staggering 47% of social housing providers actively prohibited e-cigarettes in buildings, while a further 24% strongly encouraged vapers to vape at work or away from the property. Put differently, social housing providers were more than twenty times likely to have a policy that discouraged people from switching to vaping from smoking, than encourage vaping in the first place.

What ASH Supports

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ASH came up with a number of policy recommendations to encourage people to make a switch away from smoking, which involved vaping.

For one, they want to help support smoke-free homes by having housing providers give tenants advice about alternative sources of nicotine like e-cigarettes if they do not feel ready to quit smoking. They also want organisations to work with landlords and tenants to promote understanding of the health benefits of e-cigarettes compared to continuing to smoke.

For another, ASH wants to standardise fire safety to reduce smoking in homes. That includes providing proper advice about how e-cigarettes function and why e-cigarette vapour does not set off most smoke alarms. They also want all e-cigarette advice to be aligned with that given by the National Fire Chief’s Council, which emphasises how vaping does not cause smoke damage and produces much less nicotine damage, even in a nicotine-strong e-juice.

Why This Report Supporting Vaping Matters

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There’s a massive amount of misinformation out there about vaping. As the data from the ASH report tells us, many landlords don’t understand that vaping is a great way to get tenants to stop smoking, something many landlords want, particularly social housing providers.

The predominant message for a smoke-free home among governments and housing providers has been simply to “go outside” to smoke, away from the property, in order to avoid damage. This can be challenging for those living in places with limited outdoor space or for those physically disabled.

The chance to create a smoke-free home with vaporisers can improve the health of millions of smokers who struggle to beat their addiction. Public Health England (PHE) has made clear that e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful to your health than tobacco cigarettes, and are one of the best ways to help smokers quit. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) actively recommends e-cigarettes as a means of quitting smoking. Putting this health advice into social housing will make a big difference in fighting the myths around vaping and improve people’s well-being as part of a better community.

What do you think about ASH’s recommendations? Let us know your thoughts on social media or leave us a comment below! And if you know someone who is looking to make the switch, or if you’re interested in picking up vaping yourself, check out one of our fantastic vapour starter kits available online or in store.

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