Are you struggling to figure exactly how to get your wick just right? Then this article is for you. We cover precisely how to wick your vape perfectly using a simple method – other than a pair of scissors, no tools required!

There are a lot of different ways to learn to wick any coil, but here we are going to go through the best method that works for pretty much any vapour coil, whether it’s an RDA, RTA, or traditional vaporiser.

Get Out Your Cotton

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First of all, get your cotton out. Cotton Bacon and Matte Cotton are both very popular brands of cotton for vaping. You should always use partial pieces of cotton over unused pieces yet, to get the most use out of your cotton. Squeeze your cotton together to pack the strands all closer to each other, and then take a pinch from the top to break a strand of cotton apart.

If you are using dual coils, what you can do is grab both ends and twist both ends at the same time. This give you a very thin end and a much thicker and straight middle. Cut the cotton down the middle, and you have two pieces of cotton to use for your wick! If you are only using a single coil, simply save that cotton for later.


Prepare Your Tank

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Secondly, take your tank apart, take out your cotton, and rinse and dry the pieces that hold it together. The tank has four key parts: the deck where you put the coils and the cotton, the glass piece, the chimney, and the top cap. Keep each part clean to make sure it remains in good condition.


Thread Your Cotton

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Next, take your cotton’s thin end and thread it through the coil. When you pass it through, the thin end should go through easily. Then, when you pull the cotton through, it should not tug on the coil at all. There should only be a little resistance, and from being threaded through the coil, the cotton should become thinner and more easily slide forward and backward.

If the wick is pushing the coil as you thread it through, then you will first of all end up with a dry or burned hit when you use your vaporiser. Additionally, and more importantly, when you go to rewick your pen and pull the cotton out, the centre underneath the coil will be singed and damaged, while the outside will be almost untouched.

If your coils are worn too far down or you are looking for a cooler vape / larger clouds, you should switch out your vapour coils. Luckily we have a wide selection of vapour coils in our online store.


Put It All Together Again

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After you’ve threaded the cotton through the coils, you have successfully added your wick to your vaporiser! Snip the ends, grab your juice and liberally put it on the wicks and coils. Once you have done that, you can fire up your vaporiser to make sure the coils are evenly burning and that vapour is coming from the pen. Screw your vaporiser back together, fill the tank with your juice, and screw back on the top cap to finish.


How Much Cotton Should I Use?

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If you have the right amount of cotton, you will get good clean hits every time you use your vape. If you do not have enough cotton, then you will get dry hits and gurgling from your vape juice on the heat. If you put too much cotton on the wick, you will not get enough taste flowing through and you will damage the coil. You can tell if you have too little cotton if there is no resistance whatsoever when you thread the cotton through the vape; you can tell if there is too much cotton if you move the vapour coil by threading the cotton.


We hope this guide helps you – if you have any questions, please get in touch with us in the comments below or on social media and we will answer any questions you have. Happy Vaping!

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