With a new year on the horizon, no doubt there are countless people out there planning on ditching the cigs for good come 2020… but it can be easier said than done to leave cigarettes behind you and unless you know you have serious willpower, you’ll struggle to go cold turkey.


Now’s the perfect time to start making inroads where quitting is concerned, so that you’re ready to roll when January comes around. If you’re considering using an ecigarette to help you lead a healthier life in the future, the results of a new study from Cancer Research UK and University College London may well give you the push you need to head off to your local Windsor vape shop and stock up on all the accessories required to get going.


The study found that last year, between 50,700 and 69,930 smokers quit successfully thanks to ecigarettes. It was seen that as the use of vape pens for quitting rose from 2011, so did the success rate of quitting. And when the rise in ecig use plateaued in 2015, so too did the rise in quit success.


Commenting on the findings, lead author of the study Dr Emma Beard of UCL’s Division of Psychology and Language Sciences said: “This study builds on population surveys and clinical trials that find e-cigarettes can help smokers to stop. England seems to have found a sensible balance between regulation and promotion of e-cigarettes. 


“Marketing is tightly controlled so we are seeing very little use of e-cigarettes by never-smokers of any age while millions of smokers are using them to try to stop smoking or to cut down the amount they smoke.”


Top tips to help you quit


You’ll be very lucky indeed if you find it a breeze to quit smoking but you shouldn’t let the fact that it’s hard to deter you if you’re keen to be healthy and liberated from cigarettes for the rest of your life.


Give yourself the best chance of success by using a vape pen, yes, but there are other ways you can make sure yo11u never pick up a fag again. What about signing up to Hold My Light, where you pledge to give up smoking for 30 days in return for friends and family making commitments to you to help you stay motivated.


Making a plan is a must, or you really will struggle to achieve your goals. Make yourself a serious promise, set a date to quit and then stick to it… refusing to have even a drag on a cigarette. You might find that you have to make other lifestyle changes for a bit to help you succeed, such as not going to the pub or avoiding alcohol for a few weeks.


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