In the last year, a new kind of vaping kit has come to the market – the pod system. These pod systems are particularly good for two types of vapers: those who are only just beginning on their vaping journey, and those who already vape but want a small nice portable backup device.

In this article, we go through some of the awesome devices that are available at the moment on the market and explain the advantages and disadvantages of the new piece of kit.

What are Pod Systems?

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Simply put, pod systems are a kind of vapour kit that tries to remove as much of the complexity as possible from the whole vaping experience. They have small batteries with interchangeable cartridges or ‘pods’ that are either pre-filled or not filled instead of a traditional tank.

These tanks are designed to be disposable. With pre-filled pods or closed system pods, you would vape the entirety of the e-liquid in the pod until the juice inside is gone. Then you would throw away the pod. With an open system, by contrast, you would vape until the e-liquid starts to lose its flavour and then throw the cartridge away. The only real difference between the two is that you can refill an open system if it is empty, and keep refilling it until it starts to lose its flavour.


Advantages of Pods Over Other Vaporisers

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Pod vapour kits have a fair few advantages over traditional vaping. For one, pod kits are some of the cheapest on the market and have very low up-front costs. This makes them ideal for someone who is not sure whether they want to take up vaping before trying it out first.

It is also much easier to maintain a pod vapour kit than more complex vaporisers. Particularly compared to box mods, pod vaporisers are incredibly easy to maintain, as you only need to switch out the cartridges when you run out of e-juice, and you do not need to fiddle with coils or wicks.

Pods are also the simplest vaporiser to use, and much simpler than box mods. Their simple operation means that you can buy one and start vaping without any of the time investment others put into more complex products. This makes the pod system especially attractive for those who are looking to try vaping for the first time. Check out our recent article on what you need to start vaping for more information.

Pod kits are also very small and so are subtle and easily portable. Devices also typically have enough battery life to last all day, with comfortable grips and are very lightweight. This makes them perfect for vapers who need something small and sleek.


Disadvantages of Pod Kits

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While pod vapour kits have lots of benefits, there are some reasons why you might prefer a different kind of vaporiser. First and foremost, pod vapour kits are not the most powerful pieces of kit available on the market. Compared to box mods, in particular, the small size limits the power of the device and, in turn, limits the strength of each hit you get.

Likewise, compared to larger vaporisers, pod vapour kits typically have a shorter battery life. Larger devices are more able to fit big batteries which means they can last much longer. Pod kits typically can last for up to a day, particularly larger pod kits, but if you are a heavy user or you forget to charge your pod one night, you will definitely notice.

Pod vapour kits are also not customisable. With a box mod, you can disassemble and reassemble the device in any way you like, switch out the batteries, replace the atomiser on the top – anything your heart desires. If you want a more powerful vaping experience with a box mod, you can add a sub tank; if you want to switch out your flavours often you can insert a dripper; and so on. Pod vapour kits are not customisable in that way: you have to accept the tools your supplier gives you, up to and including what e-juices you can vape with closed system pods.


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