As vaping becomes more and more popular, people are beginning to use vapes to cut down on their nicotine intake and ultimately defeat their dependence on the chemical entirely. If you’re looking to do this as well, there are a number of great 0mg vape juices on the market from major ecig companies to help you kick the habit.

Here at The Vaping Lounge, we’ve written about five of our favourite nicotine-free e-liquids which taste great to vape without any nicotine mixed in. Take a look in our UK juice shop or online store to see some of our fabulous flavours on offer!


1 Pancake ELiquid by Vapor Maid

Pancake ELiquid by Vapor Maid 50ml

The accurately named Pancake by Vapor Maid recreates the warm, cosy taste of a fluffy warming waffle taste, coupled with delicious blueberry and maple syrup. A super sweet juice, this one is perfect for those who liked our seven e-juices to satisfy your sweet tooth and are looking for another mouth-watering syrupy and sugary flavour.

The bottle itself is beautifully packaged and looks great as part of any collection. The bottle itself is 60ml tall containing 50ml of e-liquid, so you can add your own nic-shot to the bottle if you want to mix it with some nicotine, but the warm tart taste is still amazing then vaped unmixed!

2 Moon Bucket eLiquid by Bang Bang

Moon Bucket ELiquid by Bang Bang Juice 50ml

Moon Bucket by Bang Bang is a mix of sharp tangs and sweet zests to create a perfect taste. Inspired by the Asian tradition of Full Moon parties, an all-night beach party that originated on the island of Ko Phangan, Thailand, the juice is an enthralling concoction of orange, raspberry, and dragonfruit flavours with hints of lemon and lime soda.

The complex flavours in this e-liquid make it delicious to vape. Try the fruity flavour juice today!

3 KonceptXIX Tika Taka ELiquid by Vampire Vape

Tika Taka ELiquid

Part of the Fresh Range of Vampire Vape, the Tika Taka is a fantastic sunkissed orange flavour mixed with a frosty chill to create delicious, refreshing goodness in a vape bottle. You can smell the oranges from the moment you unscrew the lid from the bottle, like concentrated fresh tangerine.

If you like a fruity taste but don’t want anything overpowering, then this is the juice for you. Each inhale tastes like biting into a fresh orange, followed up with the crisp, refreshing flavour that Vampire Vape’s Fresh range is known for. If you’re looking for something sweet, but not too sweet, the Tika Taka is our personal recommendation.

4 Nutty E-Liquid by IVG Custard

Nutty E-Liquid by I VG Custard 50ml


This e-liquid is a nutty and creamy mix of delicious sweet vanilla custard built on an earthy nutty base flavour to produce an unusual flavour profile. The savoury nuts combine perfectly with the rich dessert flavour we come to expect from IVG, to create a unique taste you’ll struggle to find in other e-juices.

Go to our juice store in the UK or online to find this delicious e-liquid, and enjoy the subtle caramel engulfed in a creamy custard-vanilla, all grounded by the pistachio, walnut and almond flavour that underpins this juice.

5 Sour Worms Eliquid by Candy King

Sour Worms ELiquid by Candy King 100ml

Candy King are experts at recreating playground and arcade sweet flavours in vape juice form. It’s hard to choose a favourite from all their short fills, but their sour worms have such a nostalgic and authentic taste that it has to have a spot on our e-juice list. Combining orange, lemon, lime, strawberry, cherry and raspberry with a face-melting hit of sour and sugar, the bitter fruity juice keeps us coming back for more!

The 100ml bottle Candy King Sour Worms comes in will last you for a long time, but also includes enough extra space in the container for nic-shots if you so wish. But why dilute the flavour if you don’t have to? Try this delicious shortfall for a childhood candy favourite. And if you’re looking for even weirder flavours, check out our top seven favourites.

We have a wide range of short fill e-juices in our online and UK juice store. Take a look at what we have on offer or talk to us for suggestions on what you try! Talk to us either in our Windsor store, leave us a comment below, or message us on social media for more awesome suggestions.

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