Cloud-chasing for massive denser clouds has become more and more popular in recent years. Now, there are a lot of people wanting to learn how to get the most vapour, how to get the biggest clouds, and more. So if you want to master the dark art of cloud chasing, follow our guide to learn how to get started chucking huge billows of vapour!

Picking the Right Equipment

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It might sound obvious, but picking the right atomisers and coils is essential to get big clouds. Your setup has to be able to output massive clouds if you want to create them.

Generally, when we like to cloud chase lean towards RDAs. This is because it is so much easier to install much bigger coils in an RDA than an RTA or RDTA, and when you install your own coils as well, you can finetune how you want to vape on an RDA. Check out our guide to RDAs for more information.

Some RDAs are more focused on having a rich flavour and have a tighter airflow. These are the kind of RDAs not conducive to massive cloud chasing. Instead, you want an RDA with easily adjustable airflow and at least two coils to be able to vape the biggest clouds. You need coils able to handle at least around 50 Watts.

You also need to choose a powerful mod. As new technology comes on the market, many mods are capable of going over 200W, more than anyone will ever need. It must be emphasised that when you are outputting as much power as you would be when trying for massive vape clouds, you need to take battery safety very carefully.

Finally, you need to choose the right e-juice. What is a high-quality car without fuel after all? When it comes to selecting your e-juice, for a massive vape cloud you need to think about your VG/PG ratio. If you are using a tank, you generally don’t want to use anything over 70 VG, because anything more than that causes the vape to get gunked up. If you are running a coil build, the higher the VG, the better, and a 100 VG juice will give you absolutely massive vapour clouds.


Preparing your Vaporiser

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The first thing to take into account is the number of Watts you are vaping at. People tend to create really big clouds by vaping at really high wattage, and as a result, they are not getting a lot of flavour out of it. You need to find a balance between high wattage and taste, though as a starting ballpark figure, trying either 30W at 0.5Ω resistance with a weaker vape or 50W with 0.3Ω with a stronger vape device will give you good results (we assume you’ll be sub-ohming here, as higher resistance levels make it harder to produce large vape clouds). Keep in mind though that vaping at these high wattages will drain your battery very fast, as well as your juice, and sacrifice some of the flavours of your e-liquid.

Next, fine-tune your airflow. Each atomiser and coil setup needs a different amount of air to function optimally. It is important to have enough airflow that you do not get vapour that is too hot, but too much air will dilute your clouds and thin your vape. Start off with your airflow fully open, a few puffs, then start slowly closing off the airflow until you reach the size of the cloud you want. Toning down your airflow will also strengthen the taste of your juice.


How to Vape for Massive Clouds

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You need to wrap your lips tightly around your vaporiser and inhale hard and fast to create massive clouds. Powerful inhalation forces lots of cool air onto the coils to condense the vapour, but by closing some of the airflows to your pen beforehand, the air will not ‘mix’ with the vapour as much, giving you denser and more vapour-y juice. Additionally, because you have closed off some of the flow to the pen already, too little cold air will make the vapour unbearably hot.

Once you have inhaled, exhale outwards to release your cloud. If you have done everything correctly, you’ll have a massive and delicious vape cloud in front of you forming! While there is no wrong way to vape, there definitely is something beautiful and delightful about cloud-chasing, and once you have made your first huge one, we think you’ll agree.


The only thing left to say about cloud chasing is: experiment! There are many different e-liquids and mods you can try in our UK juice shop or online, so have a look at our stock and try out some different combinations. If you’ve made some awesome vape clouds yourself or have any extra advice for our readers, please either let us a comment below or get in touch and message us on social media. Happy vaping!

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