One of the things that we love the most about vaping is that you can truly tailor it to suit your
preferences in terms of flavour and nicotine hit. With traditional cigarettes, there are few options
available. In the flavour department menthol is really the only way to change the taste of
cigarettes significantly.

Not so with vape juices, which is just one of several reasons that they’ve been growing in

Vaping is also cited as a top quitting tool for smokers. Earlier this month we revealed that vaping has helped 70,000 smokers to completely give up traditional cigarettes last year alone, which
just goes to show how helpful it can be as a tool to give up smoking.
Aside from helping you to quit cigarettes, and avoid the tar and other carcinogens you inhale
every time you light up a regular smoke, another benefit to vaping is that you can more tightly
control the amount of nicotine you have.
There are plenty of vape liquids available that are completely nicotine free. If you’re trying to quit
smoking, one of the best things to do is gradually reduce the levels of nicotine in your vape
juices as you go, as this will help to wean your body off the drug.

You can also add nicotine to the nicotine-free vape juices, allowing you to completely customise
what goes into your e-cigarette, and consequently into your body. It also means you can add
nicotine to your favourite flavour of vape juice, whether that’s strawberry or Pukka Juice Pukka
High – this one mimics a lemon-lime soda drink, great if you want a sweet hit without the sugar!
A recent article for Business Matters magazine looked at the different strengths of nicotine
available for e-cigarettes and offered some tips about how to decide which is right for you.
The first thing to know is how nicotine strengths in vaping liquids are measured. This is recorded
in milligrams per millilitre. The lowest option is, naturally, 0mg/ml but vape juices can contain as
much as 36 or 42 mg/ml.

However, the publication pointed out that very few people will want vape juices with such a high
nicotine concentration. Most heavy smokers who are looking to make the transition to e-
cigarettes are likely to be looking for something in the region of 12mg/ml or 18mg/ml.
For moderate to light smokers, that concentration should be lower still, around the 6mg/ml or
3mg/ml mark, the news provider explained.

And, of course, if you’re looking to quit completely you may well use the liquids with 0mg/ml. In
this instance you’re replacing the physical act of smoking while going cold turkey on the
nicotine. Ultimately, how you approach vaping is up to you.
If you do buy a nicotine-free vape juice because you like the flavour, it’s not too difficult to add
some nicotine to your product of choice.
Many vape juices are sold in 50ml bottles in the UK. To achieve a 3mg/ml blend in this size of
bottle, you simply add a 10ml (or 18mg) nicotine shot to your vape juice and voila, you have an
e-cigarette with a low concentration of nicotine in the mix.

Over in the US, there’s evidence that a growing number of people are attempting to mix their
own flavoured vape juices, but we wouldn’t recommend going down this route. CNN noted that
you need experience to get the blending process right.

There’s a genuine danger of accidentally exposing yourself to high doses of liquid nicotine, or of
contaminating the end product. It’s far better to buy your vape juices from a reputable supplier
where all you have to think about is adding a controlled amount of nicotine, rather than mixing a
vape juice from scratch.

In the US there have been moves to ban flavoured vape juices, which is one of the reasons why
there’s been a spike in people on that side of the Atlantic looking to mix their own. In the UK,
however, where these products are readily available, it’s much safer to stick to your favourite
brands than take the DIY approach.

And there are some great flavours out there for you to try. We think that some of the dessert
flavoured vape juices are a great way to cut down on your sugar intake too. Getting a hit of a
vape flavoured like apple pie, donuts or cheesecake is a great way to kick your craving for a

Or if you’re feeling nostalgic for your childhood, why not consider a flavour like bubblegum,
marshmallow or sherbet? And then there are the ranges flavoured like nuts. Take a vape and
enjoy the flavour of almonds, pistachios or hazelnuts. There really are so many choices out

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