Dinner Lady E-Liquid – Why We Can’t Get Enough!

Last spring, Dinner Lady E-Liquid entered its first ever e-cigarette expo. At the end of the weekend they left the Birmingham NEC with their heads held high in glory. The small British team gave themselves a pat on the back after claiming the award for best stand and best e-liquid! Shortly after, their warehouse sold out of vape juice. That’s right, they sold everything!

Since may, they brand has not stopped achieving. In our shop, we order in Dinner Lady E-Liquid weekly because everyone loves it! The brand has succeeded in multiple other expos such as the recent Paris 2016 expo. What we want to know is why does everyone love these e-liquids? Let’s take a look at each juice to find out.

Vape Dinner Lady

VapeDinner Lady

The juice has certainly made a swift impact on the market. Perhaps due to the brand’s ethos that in centred around developing flavours using only the purest ingredients. In addition each and every flavour is entirely authentic and original. The dinner lady range itself focuses on old school dessert style treats, that we have never seen before, whereas other Dinner Lady ranges have even more innovative creations such as an e-liquid entirely for former pipe smokers

Strawberry Custard – The first, and widely considered best, Dinner Lady E-Liquid. An all day vape with no limits. Let me ask you, what is your favourite juice at the moment? Forget that, strawberry custard is king. Natural strawberry is balanced against sweet, creamy custard and butter-caramel.

Cornflake tart vs Lemon tart – The Dinner Lady Range carries two tarts – Lemon and cornflake. They are vastly different yet both utterly brilliant. The yellow bottle gives you a sharp hit of curd, topped with gooey meringue cradled in a pastry crust. The orange bottle is full of primary school nostalgia. Cornflakes and syrup with a punchy layer of strawberry jam running through the centre. The missing crunch leaves you craving more.

Maple Waffle – a great substitute for dessert, this juice is as indulgent as it gets. Fresh waffles smothered in maple syrup. We don’t need to say any more. This liquid is everything.

1111 E-Liquid

Most people start vaping to get off tobacco. With 1111 e-liquid, you may not be able to get enough of it.

After 11 – this icy, herbal, eucalyptus hit will almost take your breath away with it’s cool blast. Lovers of menthol sometimes have vivid dreams of an inhale that frosts their lungs over, leaving them satisfied. This is the juice that allows that fantasy to come true.

Sweet 11 – only vape dinner lady would have the idea of creating an e-liquid entirely for pipe smokers. Only a few of you will know the rich, satisfying taste of cherry pipe tobacco. A shame, as even non-tobacco vapers love to suck on a tank filled with this delectable juice.

Felon 11 – if you are one for tobacco flavoured juices, it would be a felony to not true this e-liquid. Smooth, flu cured Kentucky leaves are married with blue Burley and Virginia Brightleaf for a slightly bitter, subtly sweet and naturally rounded taste.

Heaven 11 – Many religious people believe that you have to die before you get to go to heaven. This is in fact untrue. All you need to do is vape some of this vanilla creme flavoured juice. Dark caramel and honey notes, along with a light hint of tobacco just at the end of the exhale.

Tornado Vape JuiceCyclone E-Liquid by Tornado

This juice goes in hard. When creating this juice, the aim of the game was to send the senses on a tornado. Standard flavours, amplified.

Twister – The least powerful vape in this line, watermelon twisted with kiwi. As the springy flavours dances across your tongue, you palette is refreshed ready for the next hit. This juice is best utilised as a perfect all day vape.

Vortex – It seems like very e-liquid manufacturer has it’s own pink lemonade with a special hint of something different. Pink grapefruit and raspberry are spun together with a little bit of magic.

Cyclone – do you remember those ridiculously sour sweets you used to suck on as a child, whilst your face screwed up into a ball and your tongue ran raw? Cyclone is this in vape form. It belts you with sour apple, then more sour apple. Just as your thought it was over WHAM more sour apple. Belting you with sour apple is the name of the game

Cool Blizzard – dear menthol lovers, do you really love menthol as much as you think you do? Sure, you’re partial to a light menthol vape and some of you might even try the stronger menthols. Hey, a few of us love menthol so much we eat vaporub right out of the pot, despite the health implications! But no one, no one has enjoyed the full potential of menthol until they have tried cool blizzard e-liquid

Thanks for getting to the end of our blog! What is your favourite Dinner Lady E-Liquid and why? Let us know in the comments section below along with some thoughts on the brands success.

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