Vaping has been around for several years but is subject to changes in trends, much like anything else. Indeed, while you might love your favourite e-liquid, it could be time for a revamp. So if you want to upgrade your e-cigarettes and vaping products for 2020, here are some tips on what is going to be huge in the vaping world next year.


– Caffeinated vapes


Coffee fans love their favourite beverage because of its rich aroma, its strong taste, and its warming feeling, particularly on a cold day. In fact, coffee has become the most popular drink in the world, with 400 billion cups of the stuff drunk every year.


Those living in the US are super fans, being responsible for more than 450 million cups of coffee consumed every single day. According to How Stuff Works, half of American adults over the age of 18 drink coffee every day, but not just once, as they typically drink three and a half cups of the hot drink on a daily basis.


However, not everyone is necking down an espresso because they are coffee connoisseurs, as many people simply make coffee part of their morning routine to get their caffeine fix. Well, now you don’t have to consume a latte or Americano to perk up for the day ahead, as there are such things as caffeinated vapes.


This “coffee as you breathe” is growing in popularity, particularly among those who don’t actually enjoy a macchiato but have one for its caffeine content.


Canadian social media influencer Adrianne Ho has been advertising coffee vapes, telling her Facebook fans it enables her to stay alert and awake when jet-setting across the world.


“It allows me to have coffee when I’m on the go,” NY Post reported Adrianne – who has 820,000 Instagram followers – as saying.


She added: “I could just get a quick hit of caffeine and feel energised.”


The great thing about coffee vaping is you don’t need to have access to a coffee machine or be within walking distance of a café to enjoy a caffeine lift, making it appealing to those who are always on the move!


– Accessories


E-cigarette smokers won’t be content with their basic kit next year, as more people will show off extensive vaping products in 2020.


There is a huge range of vaping accessories available these days, enabling e-smokers to have everything they need when they want to light up.

For instance, you could get your hands on rechargeable batteries, mini tool kits, battery cases, ceramic tweezers, bubble glasses, and cotton. With all the accessories, you will be able to have everything you need within reaching distance when you want to enjoy a smoke. The likes of rechargeable batteries, battery cases and mini tool kits even make travelling easier, while you are able to replenish your charge or make repairs to your kit if they incur a fault.


 Closed system e-cigarettes overtake open vaping systems


Traditionally, open system vaping that enable the user to refill the liquid manually and come with a removable mouthpiece were more popular among e-smokers.


According to Euromonitor International, however, this is set to change, with closed system e-cigarettes’s global market value set to overtake the other style in the next few years.


BBC News reported that vapers will spend $10 billion (£7.77 billion) on the closed variety – which use ready-make refills that can be attached to the battery directly – in 2019, which is more than will be spent on open vaping systems.


This expenditure is set to grow exponentially until 2023, while the spending on open e-cigarettes will remain at the same level.


– Spending to grow


While smokers will spend a greater amount on closed vaping systems in years to come, the amount of money spent on e-cigarettes, on the whole, is set to increase.


The publication revealed the global market for e-cigarettes is expanding and is now thought to be worth $19.3 billion. This is nearly triple what it was just five years ago at $6.9 billion.


This trend is being led by vaping enthusiasts in the US, UK and France, with e-smokers in these three countries having spent over $10 billion on vaping products last year.


It is likely the expenditure on e-cigarettes and accessories has grown lately due to the increase in the number of people taking up the habit.


While around seven million people vaped in 2011, this figure surged to 41 million in 2018. Euromonitor predicts this could rise again, reaching nearly 55 million over the next year.

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