As a lover of a good Tobacco, I have always been on the lookout for nice tobacco based flavours on the e-liquid market. 

A few of my choice e-liquids are the following. However, a small warning here before we start. Flavour can be subjective to different people so always be aware of that rule. 

At Number One  

It’s the classic Elements 555 flavour, no surprise there then! Element have been around a long time and are well known for classic flavours and now also available in different VG/PG ratios and Nicotine Strengths from 0mg all the way to 20mg NS20 (aka Nic Salts) and in also in 50/50, 80/20 and with the NS20 range 40/60. 

The 555 flavour has always been a nice, clean tobacco flavour, neither light or dark and has a touch of caramel and even light nutty decent tobacco flavour. You can’t go wrong with this one in my own option. The Aroma is very pleasant even around non-smokers. 

As a side note Element have built around the 555 base and added a few more flavours such as Chocolate Tobacco and Honey Roast Tobacco now in the range. 

At Number Two 

its Doozy Vapes Baccy Roots Original, this is very much like the 555 Tobacco but moves towards the biscuit rather than nut flavour which is great for a change of flavour. We have come to love the Doozy Vape Co for its many ranges of flavours and even with the Tobacco range they have managed to make five different flavours around this one for even more choice.  

While my firm favourite is the Original, the other two worth checking out is Five States which has a dark chocolate and butterscotch tone and Feuille Verte which is a darker and more cognac based flavour which is great with a shot of whisky! 

The guys (and girls) at Doozy Vape have also a unique VG/PG ratio for this brand, if you go for the 12 or 18mg the ratio is 50/50 which works great for the starter kits and tanks, however if you go for the 6mg or 3mg they change to a 70/30 ratio which works great in subohm tanks and even drippers. We currently stock these three in 12mg and 6mg and will soon have the full range over the next few weeks. 

And last but no least at Number 3  

We have just got in the new V4Pour range of 50/50 VG/PG 10ml bottles and have a nice range of tobaccos just right for the new pod kits and starter kits. We have them in the shop in 6mg and 12mg and this will expand latter. Rollie is a nice dark flavour, Silver and Gold is very close to a normal everyday tobacco flavour, UK is lighter version of Silver and Gold, USA is the American Lites flavour and also, we have good old pure Menthol as well, some people like to add a few drops of the Menthol flavour to their tobacco e-liquids. Also, this is now one of our cheapest quality range at only £2.95 per 10ml bottle and if you buy 3 its only £7.00. 

Honourable Mentions: 

As an almost there but did not make my top three flavours I have to give a mention to VGod Cubano range, this is a 50ml short fill bottle in 70/30 which when you add a 18mg NicShot you end up with 60mls at 3mg design. 

You have two to choose with either Cubano or Cubano Black, which from the name this is a more cigar flavour base flavour. I am no cigar expert (but I know few) and it’s a nice mellow Cuban cigar flavour mixed with a light and creamy vanilla flavour which works surprisingly well. Cubano Black is the same but its more cigar and less vanilla which I prefer as the tobacco flavour is stronger. 

These are a sub-ohm tank or dripper based e-liquid but many of the new starter kits should handle this e-liquid fine. I have tried Cubano Black in my Aspire Breeze kit and had no problems with the vaping experience. 

So there we go, a few ranges well worth looking at if you want a tobacco based flavour, I would say these are the best I have found so far. 

Vape on vape safe and more soon… 



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