What are the Top 5 Best Beginner Vape Kits?

The wacky world of vaping can be very confusing, especially for those who are just getting off of cigarettes. Coils, ohms, VG and PG – what does is all mean! Luckily for you, the knowledgeable team at The Vaping Lounge have created our list of Top 5 Best Beginner Vape Kits! To help you understand what is the right first vape kit for you.

Eleaf Istick Basic Kit

Eleaf iStick Basic

When we think of a great starter kit, we think iStick Basic. This kit is streamlined and easy to use. Just press to vape!The lack of additional buttons means that the kit is very simple to use and not at all confusing. The trade in is less manoeuvrability. The iStick is great for those who are used to smoking throughout the day as the kit has great battery life. The drawback, however, is that as your power runs out you will get a less powerful vape. Better than no vape at all right?


  • Long Battery Life
  • Simple to use


  • No adjustability

Aspire K2Aspire K2 Starter Kit

Aspire presents the K2 as an economic and health-concious alternative to tobacco and that we cannot argue with. This kit is inexpensive yet gives one of the purest vapes of any of the beginner vape kits. You get not only a strong nicotine hit but a relatively broad flavour profile. As a starter kit, the K2 is characteristically easy to use and easy to refill. You might be refilling the tank quite often though as it only has a 1.8ml internal volume. The main drawback of this kit is that you should be careful leaving it in your pocket as recklessness leads to leaking.

  • Great Performance
  • Cost effective


  • Small atomiser volume
  • Prone to leaking

Innokin T18Innokin T18 Beginner kit

Anyone who has been vaping for more than a week knows the Innokin name. The company is one of the largest manufacturers in the e-cig market today. As the name suggests, the company are known for innovation and pioneering the frontiers of vaping. Innokin’s T18 is one of the best. Whilst not the most powerful kit, with only 14W of power, the T18 does offer a surprisingly flavoursome vape. This is the least adjustable kit on this list, however, with fixed wattage and limited air flow control. If you are the type of person who likes to draw the smoke into your mouth before inhaling than this is the kit for you. The thin pen style and simplicity makes this kit feel more like a cigarette as well. Try not to vape on this all day though because the battery will run out faster than the other kits on this list.


  •  Extremely easy to use
  • Great for mouth to lung vaping


  • Lacks freedom
  • Looser draw than other kits
  • Middling battery life

Joytech AIO KitJoyetech AIO first kit

AIO stands for All In One, which basically means that this kit has everything that you need – except e-liquid. The AIO is one of the smallest beginner kits out there, which is great for those who like to vape discreetly. Despite it’s size, the kit has above average battery life and is in fact quite powerful. This is a great alternative to the iStick if you are looking for something a little smaller.

  • Pocket Sized
  • Incredibly easy to use


  • Lacks any adjustability

Vaporesso Target MiniVaporesso Target Mini kit

The Vaporesso Target Mini is considered a beginner vape kit but with all of the features that it offers, you would be forgiven for believing that it is in fact an advanced machine! In fact, there are plenty of expert vapers out there who love this kit. Ergonomic, variable wattage, an interactive display and decent battery life what is not to love? This is a great little kit but it may be a little overwhelming for those who have just started vaping. If you think that you can handle it then this is a kit that is worth a try.

  • Additional features
  • Powerful


  • Complex and potentially confusing
  • More expensive than other kits


Thanks for reading our blog on the Top 5 Best Beginner Vape Kits! If you know of any other beginner kits that deserve to be on this list then leave your opinions in the comments below. The team here at The Vaping Lounge knows their stuff but we do make mistakes sometimes.

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