Have you decided you want to put the cigarettes to one side and give vaping a try? But are you not sure where to start? Choosing from the sleek pens, the big black box-looking things, or the ones that look like fancier cigarettes can be a challenge!

Here at The Vaping Lounge, we have produced the ultimate guide to choosing the perfect vaping device. Each person you talk to is likely to tell you something different or suggest lots of different kinds of devices. Ultimately, though, we all have the same goal in mind: to get you the perfect beginners vaporiser or vapour starter kit.

We break down the three main kinds of vaporisers, the advantages and disadvantages of each type, and give you our suggestions for which vaporiser to buy going forward.

What is an e-cig?

e-cigarette with two batteries on table

E-Cigarettes are vaporisers that look similar to cigarettes. Invented in 2003 by a Chinese pharmacist as a healthier alternative to smoking, they are made up of a replaceable cartridge that contains e-liquid or nicotine, with a heating coil on one end which is connected to a tiny battery that heats up and ‘lights’ the e-cigarette. They convert liquid nicotine or the e-juice inside it to a vapour that the user inhales, all without ash, fire, or a smoky smell.

Lots of e-cigs have an LED at the end to simulate a flame, but they are entirely optional and gratuitous. The device is astonishingly simple.

E-Cigs are awesome if you do not have much experience vaping and want something with a look and style that is similar to smoking regular cigarettes. The liquid in an e-cig typically includes propylene glycol, an additive commonly used in food, some sort of flavour from tobacco and menthol to coffee and caramel, and other ingredients to make each e-cig’s distinct taste. Not all e-cigs contain nicotine to satisfy a smoking craving, but many

E-cigs typically can last as long as a pack of cigarettes before needing to be replaced or disposed of. Disposable e-cigs start at a little under £5 per cigarette up to around £10 but are often closer to the cheaper end. They are good if you want to try vaping and do not know whether you would commit, but it is better to buy one of the other options on our list if you are going to seriously try to swap.


What is a Vape Pen?

Man smoking vape pen

Vape pens are vaporisers that come in a long cylindrical shape, like pens – hence the name. They are smaller vapes which are explicitly designed for portability and ease of use, they also offer better vapour production than e-cigarettes. Like e-cigs, they have two main parts: an atomiser and a battery. E-liquid is placed in the atomiser’s tank, which is then heated by the cell.

Vape pens are a step up from an e-cig but are not much more advanced or expensive than disposable e-cigarettes. Vape pens, unlike e-cigs, do not come with prefilled cartridges, so you need to buy cartridges online or in store before you can use it. Pens also are rechargeable while some e-cigarettes are disposable.


What is a Box Modded Vaporiser?

Man smoking box modded vape

Box modded vapes are the most complex kind of portable vaporiser, favoured by power vapers and advanced users on the go. They’re often called “vape pens on steroids” because they transform and supercharge the vaping experience. Technically, a ‘Box Mod’ is an attachment to a vaporiser rather than a vaporiser in its own kind, but the huge number of ‘pre-attached’ box modded vaporisers available makes this kind of vaporiser deserving of a category of its own.

‘Box Mods’ feature a larger battery that is too big to fit in the smaller parts of a vape pen – hence the ‘box’ name. The heavy batteries, and often much larger cartridge slots mean you can vape for even longer without charging or replacing the e-liquid. You also get more flavour, extra vapour and deeper throat hit with each use depending on what kind of mods you buy and how you use it.

Often with Box Mods, there is a screen where you can see the changing settings of the vaporiser. They are popular because they let you modify the amount of vapour juice you get to inhale, but it will require you to adjust the manual settings when used.

If you’ve grown past the basics of vaping and want more freedom, more flexibility, and more buttons, box mod vapes are a great place to start and come at affordable prices.


These three vaporisers are the most common kind you will find on the market today. If you still do not know where exactly to start, we have a variety of vapour starter kits which are perfect for beginners.

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