Nicotine shots or Nic-shots are small bottles of flavourless liquid that are added to nicotine-free short fill e-liquids to increase or add nicotine.

When many people make the switch from smoking to vaping, prefilled vape juices might not have the nicotine strength you want. Mixing nic-shots into your e-liquid rather than relying on premixes can be a great way to create your own concentration.

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Nic-shots became popular when the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) came into force in 2017. Before then, when the vaping industry was only lightly regulated, manufacturers would make e-juices in larger premixed bottles. Now, TPD regulations require that nicotine-containing liquids can contain at most 20mg of nicotine per ml and come in bottles no larger than 10ml each.

In response, e-juice companies began selling their flavours as 0mg e-liquid. Because they contain no nicotine, these juices are not in breach of the TPD. Companies also began selling the flavourless and small 10ml 18mg nicotine bottles – called nic-shots – to mix in with the e-juice so that consumers can put nicotine into their vape juice.

In other words, nic-shots mean you can mix nicotine into large bottles of e-juice. The end result is the same as before TPD came into force, but requires you to do a bit of extra legwork. We at The Vaping Lounge have therefore written up a complete beginner’s guide to mixing in nic-shots to your e-liquid to make the process as simple and easy as possible.

Keep in mind most short fill e-liquids come in 120ml bottles containing only 100ml of juice, so you can easily mix your nic-shot with your e-juice in the same container. In other words, you can use the shortfill eliquid bottle to hold your postmixed vape juice!

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Read the following to learn how to add nicotine juice to e-liquid:


Take a Pen and Mark Halfway Down the Nic-Shot.

That way you know where is half of a nic-shot, or 5ml. Then, mark half way between the line to have three lines on the bottle: a quarter-bottle line, a half-bottle line, and a three-quarter-bottle line.


Decide How Strong you Want your Nicotine Juice.

You should know what concentration your nic-shot is, and what concentration you want to end up with, before mixing the juice with your e-liquid. You can look up online an e-liquid calculator to work this out exactly, though we have produced a quick table to break down how much nic-shot you will need per 100ml:


18mg nic-shot strength 20mg nic-shot strength
3mg desired strength 20ml 18ml
6mg desired strength 50ml 43ml


Keep in mind that you will likely need more than one nic-shot bottle if you want to make more than 50ml of e-liquid or make a stronger e-juice.

Add your Nic-Shot to the e-Juice.

Unscrew your zero nicotine juice, and slowly add the nicotine shot into the bottle. As you start filling up the bottle, keep a note of how much you need to put in in the first place. Because you’ve drawn ‘quarter’ lines on all of your nic-shot bottles, you can keep a close eye on how much nic-shot you need to put in without fiddling with precise measurements. Make sure to add the nic-shot slowly, because once the nic-shot is in, you can’t take it out!


Start to Drip!

Screw the lid to the e-liquid back on, give the juice a shake to mix the nic-shot in, and you’re ready to start vaping some delicious vaping juice!

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We hope you found our guide helpful. And remember, we sell a wide variety of nic-shots and short fills at from our our vapour shop and online vapour store at 100ml or more! Take a look to see if you can find something you need.

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