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Top 5 Ways To Make Your Coils Last Longer

Top 5 Ways To Make Your Coils Last Longer You’re just about to take a hit of your favourite lemon curd flavoured e-juice when POP, the coil blows out. Of course, you still inhale and get that horrible taste of burned caramel, followed by a coughing fit. For us vapers, events like these occur far […]

What’s New From Vaper Expo 2016

To The Vaper Expo 2016 We Ride! Over the weekend, the squad from The Vaping Lounge split into two teams and took on the Vaper Expo 2016 at the Birmingham NEC. The event was a great opportunity to talk to complimentary businesses and interact with the vaping community. As well as an chance to place […]

Best Selling E-Liquids – September

September’s Best Selling E-Liquids The world is vaping is perhaps one of the most progressive communities out there. Constantly expanding and making new innovations, every month there are new e-liquids and juices! Check out what we have been selling most of this month: 5. Moo E-Liquid Here at the Vaping Lounge, we have a good […]

Vlads VG – Fantastic or Flop?

Vlads VG – Fantastic or Flop? Earlier this summer, Vampire Vape announced their high VG range named Vlads VG. The announcement was met mixed reviews. Some vapers predicted that, whilst Vampire Vape is popular among beginner vapers, there are far more complex and delicately mixed juices out there for high VG vapers and sub-ohmers. Other […]

Dinner Lady E-Liquid – Why We Can’t Get Enough!

Dinner Lady E-Liquid – Why We Can’t Get Enough! Last spring, Dinner Lady E-Liquid entered its first ever e-cigarette expo. At the end of the weekend they left the Birmingham NEC with their heads held high in glory. The small British team gave themselves a pat on the back after claiming the award for best […]

Tobacco Products Directive (TPD)

Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) From 20th may 2016, e-cigarettes and other nicotine vapour products will be regulated in the UK and Europe under article 20 of the Tobacco Products Directive. (2014/40/EU). For our customers, this means that e-liquids, tanks and mods will change considerably. Along with how they are manufactured, produced and imported. The Vaping […]