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Vapers Advised To Only Use Reputable Sources For Products

No doubt many of you have heard some of the stories coming to us from across the pond in the US about eliquids and vaping, which have apparently resulted in the deaths of some users – but a toxicologist from Imperial College London has spoken out about these incidents, saying that they are “extraordinarily unlikely” […]

How To Find The Right Strength Vape Liquid

Vape Liquids Shop

One of the things that we love the most about vaping is that you can truly tailor it to suit your preferences in terms of flavour and nicotine hit. With traditional cigarettes, there are few options available. In the flavour department menthol is really the only way to change the taste of cigarettes significantly. Not […]

Vaping ‘Can Improve Smokers’ Hearts Within Weeks’

Vaping ‘Can Improve Smokers’ Hearts Within Weeks’ People who have a lifetime habit of smoking cigarettes are likely to find it really difficult to quit their cigarettes for good. However, if they could make the switch to e-cigarettes and vape instead, they could find their heart health improves in just a few weeks.  This is […]